Execution of a will


A will expresses the last wishes of a deceased person, and must therefore be planned and executed responsibly and with due diligence. Furthermore, the execution of a will is not only important to the testator, but also to a larger circle of persons, seeing as it can affect relatives, business partners, employees and other legatees.

Assets invested abroad, underage heirs, company assets or complicated family relationships: there are many good reasons for appointing an experienced executor of estates.

In order to ensure that the will complies with the wishes of the deceased and can be executed in a professional manner, it is advisable to make the necessary arrangements early on. Our experts will give you comprehensive advice regarding issues such as assets, inheritance and inheritance taxes, and will ensure that your provisions are exactly adhered to in the event of death.

As competent executors of estate, we will ensure that - in the event of death - your assets are inherited correctly, at a favorable tax rate and according to your provisions. Tax advisers are, of course, bound to professional secrecy even after the testator's death.

If you have already entrusted us with your financial operations, appointing us as executor of estate is even more sensible, since we would already be familiar with the testator's finances.