Corporate conversions

If you are planning to change the legal structure of your company, we will assist you with over ten years of experience in the field of corporate conversions. We know what needs to be taken into account in order to transform your business in a fiscally beneficial and economically sound manner.

The first step is to assess whether a corporate conversion would in fact be advantageous, or whether there are any arguments against it, and we will also discuss the benefits and drawbacks of such a process with you. Of course your first appointment to discuss a company transformation with us is not binding. We make a point of only recommending a corporate conversion if a change in the company's legal structure truly is a sensible option.

For that reason we will closely examine whether a conversion is worthwhile from a fiscal and economic point of view, or whether it would make more sense to retain your company's or enterprise's current legal status.

Should you opt for a corporate conversion, we will work together with you to develop a strategy. We hereby aspire to not only provide you with comprehensive information about the respective consequences and options, but will also be on hand with help and advice for every single step of the conversion.

To this end, we sit down with our attorney partners to identify the easiest way of achieving the desired legal entity, what to expect in terms of costs, and how much time will be required for the entire process. If you have already developed a cost projection and time schedule, we can - upon request - assess whether the projected values and set targets are justified and realistic. We will also discuss with you whether the corporate conversion should be tax-neutral or whether hidden reserves should be disclosed.

We will then assist you in drafting the articles of association as well as the required conversion plans and balance sheets. The next step is to ensure that the documentation is notarized as soon as possible. We can also accompany you to the appointments with the notary, if requested.

We will also take care of all the necessary arrangements with the register court and other institutions such as guilds and trade associations, so that the new corporate structure becomes legally valid as soon as possible.

Once all formalities and steps pertaining to the corporate conversion have been completed, we will provide you with a customized checklist designed to help you successfully take responsibility for the new legal entity. Of course we will also always be on hand should you have any queries regarding the new legal structure you selected, and to take on tasks such as representing you vis-à-vis the tax authorities and providing further tax advice services.