Founding what is known as a Limited or Private Company Limited by Shares in the United Kingdom in order to subsequently operate on the German market with this foreign company offers a range of advantages. Many founders choose this type of joint-stock company, because it is considered to be an affordable alternative to a German company with limited liability (GmbH) and can be established within a short period of time, usually within two weeks.

However, it is important to remember that setting up and operating this type of company also entails fulfilling significant obligations. On the one hand, a Limited that was founded in the United Kingdom and is taxable in Germany must comply with tax-related requirements such as financial statements, balance sheets, and pay slips / salary statements in Germany. Yet at the same time, the company must adhere to the strict obligations regarding financial statements and tax returns in the United Kingdom, which - if it comes to the worst - can even lead to the loss of the Limited in case of noncompliance.

If you are thinking about founding a Limited, we will work together with you to assess whether this is in fact the most suitable legal entity for your particular business endeavor. If you already own a Limited, we will support you with any and all tax-related matters in Germany. Upon request, we will compile and publish your legal financial statements and file the respective tax returns.