Preparing to set up a new company

Once the legal entity has been selected, the next step is preparing to set up your new company: numerous tasks need to be completed before a business can begin operations. During the process of founding your company, we will support you each important step of the way.

We will review your articles of association, verify the admissibility of your company's name with the chamber of commerce, and arrange for the notarization of the by-laws.

While your company is still in the process of being recorded in the commercial register, we will apply for a tax ID and VAT ID, as well as for a company registration number if you have employees. The preparations for founding a business are successfully completed once the opening balance sheet and the managing director's service contract have been drawn up.

Of course we will also be there to advise you on all tax-related and legal matters once your company has been founded and begun operations. Our tax law specialists and our attorney partners will support your business along the way in a reliable and efficient manner.